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  On-line Scientific & Educational Bulletin “Health & education millennium”

Impact factor RISC (two-year) = 0,132 (as 2016)

  • The Bulletin «Zdorov'e i obrazovanie v XXI veke» is published from 1999. Its issuance is based on the certificate of registration of the mass media organization with the number EL № FS 77-50518. This certificate was issued by Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications. ISSN: 2226-7417

  • The Bulletin publishes papers, which reflect the results of scientific research in life sciences.
  • Frequency - 12 times a year .  ​
  • Information about the Bulletin published annually in the international system and international reference databases for periodicals and serials "Ulrich's Periodicals directory" to inform the world scientific community. 
  • The Bulletin is presented in Russian Science Citation Index.


Bulletin «Zdorov'e I Obrazovanie V XXI Veke» - is an independent publication that is intended to provide health professionals constant source of professional information. 


The concept of the Bulletin «Zdorov'e I Obrazovanie V XXI Veke» in December 1999, was supported at the first international conference "Health and Education Millennium ", dedicated to relevant health issues. It was stressed that the problem of lack of specialized literature for young scientists and physicians. 


We strive to provide our readers - doctors, surgeons, and other professionals - help and support information, and create the conditions for continuous updates of their professional knowledge. 


The Bulletin «Zdorov'e I Obrazovanie V XXI Veke» published works in the field of: ··

Pedogogical science

Sociological sciences

Preventive Medicine

We hope that the Bulletin «Zdorov'e I Obrazovanie V XXI Veke» will be an open platform for discussion and exchange of experience between doctors from different regions and countries, with the result that should help improve the quality of health and social care in our country.


There are abstracts of scientific articles and keywords of all papers and reviews published in the last two years in the Russian and English languages on website of Journal. When publishing scientific articles in Russian and in a foreign languages key words and abstracts in Russian and English are obligatory. In addition, the website provides full-text versions of the Bulletin.